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Groups can have more than one Lead Vocalist. They debuted on May 21st, 2019 with ‘DMT (Do Ma Thang)’. – According to Yeeun her hobby is to organize the refrigerator Yujin (유진; also known by her full name Choi Yujin) is a South Korean singer under Cube Entertainment. Eunbin: Lemon, Sorn is also able to speak four languages, English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese, Well i think that instagram is not official and fake because cube ent said clc don’t have an instagram, It’s connected to their fancafe, so I guess it’s official?….. , but if you can tell them to change it to Jang, I won’t really mind (and her father said they prefer it to be as Chang, I guess Cube didn’t bother to use that…), @disqus_kKQEZdSNbc:disqus @disqus_BHTKMPmP48:disqus TikTok: @cube_clc_official, CLC Members Profile: – Elkie is close to Twice’s Tzuyu and (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua. See more ideas about clc, jang yeeun, kpop girls. Many fandoms have their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities. i know they dont have official positions so this is all just speculation, but i’d give the second lead dancer title to yeeun or eunbin far before i’d give it to elkie. Remembering the kind words of leader Bang Chan, fans stood by the name of their long-held fandom name and refused to let it be taken over.There was one thing both fandoms could agree on, though. – Yeun’s ideal type: A person that gives you a good vibe at first impression. March 19, 2015 A celebrity close to her ideal type: Lee Hyunwoo. Individual photo concept for next comeback! Hangul – Education: Korea Kent Foreign School, KIS International School (when she lived in Thailand) Origin Kpop Group of the Week (3rd Week of December 2020). Position: Lead Vocalist Her role model is her father. SORN-single, CLC ROOMS 1. The name comes from a combo of the two words Charming and Smile. But she can enjoy watching the bear and the tiger. On August 13, 2020, it was announced that CLC would be making their first comeback in nearly a year. – She is acting in the Kdrama “Rich Family’s Son” (2018). EUNBIN×SEUNGYEON CLC announce their official fan club name! Elkie’s is @chongtingyanelkie, it says eunbin is close with “WJSN‘s Yeonjung and Doyoung.” don’t you mean dayoung not doyoung ?? Il est également connu sous le nom de Wooshin. – Education: Onham Middle School EUNBIN ISNT LEAD RAPPER, SHE AND YEEUN ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN RAP IN THE GROUP Seung Hee – Main Vocalist CLC fans can now call themselves Cheshire. CLC (씨엘씨) consists of 7 members. This Cb she had plently of lines and did adlibs during live prefs. About Yujin: Chonnasorn Sajakul (Thai:ชลนสร สัจจกุล) known by her stage name Sorn (Hangul:손; ソーン son) is Thai singer currently under Cube Entertainment in the group CLC. Elkie does a high note in No Oh Oh. CLC said they ”changed” their fruits with different alcohol kinds. A celebrity close to her ideal type: Lee Kwangsoo (BNT interview) – She is good at replying to questions using only 5 characters, Seunghee is so beautiful and she is voice perfect she is perfect in everything, Eunbin is classmates with Kimlip (LOONA), thank you for adding some. Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! appearance and entertaining performance. * I think BTS’ ARMY is a lovely fandom name. I miss their angelic voices. Earlier today in CLC revealed that they will be holding a fandom name suggestion contest for their official fan club! – She likes socks a lot and even call them her babies ,she has almost 30 pairs of socks Seungyeon:, Seunghee:, Yujin:, Sorn:, Yeeun:, Elkie:, Eunbin:, get a lot of vocal lines doesnt make them a lead vocal. On May 27, the group held their first ever fan-meeting, "2017 Cheshire Entrance Ceremony", at Olympic Hall Muse Live in Seoul. *__*, Please give us the comeback/photoshoot name, as it happened before to update the pictures for a profile, then the one requesting to complain that it wasn’t the photoshoot he/she was asking for. Birthday: August 10th, 1998 Just marry me already, will ya? Arnd the start of this video. Hi Elkie. As Eunbin was competing as a contestant on the survival show Produce 101 at the time, she was not present for the album's promotions and does not appear in the original music video for the title track. She prefers the girl crush concept. – Her fruit symbol is Lemon. 2018-Present: Renaming to Kpop Room, Fandom Name, Channel Starting to Grow. Just wanted to ask…does CLC have their official lightstick? They haven’t made an official statement of their position. – Yeeun and Eunbin play Overwatch. theyre up for debate, with some exceptions like lovelyz. – Yujin is the fake maknae and gets teased a lot by the members. seungyeon – seung_monkey Seoul, South Korea – She learnt from G.NA how to look beautiful on stage and how to make eye-contact with the camera thank you!! That’s awesome. But Seunghee, being the main vocal, her lines over the years have decreased way too much. (Special thanks to Ranceia, Bonnie, Ki heehyun, Karen Chua, jacksonized, pity, dana, Lali, 김도연, Meirima, jxnn, Leila Soriano, Rizumu, softhaseul, Riye, Jean S, Beatriz, Luke_SY, Eeman Nadeem, Katrina Pham, Piggy22Woiseu, wat is luv, chuuves, seisgf, kiana | 키아나, Ghalia Lovato, Sally Valkie, Kook, Catherine Liper, chuuves, Sereyrothna Sok, ShyShySana~, Mariana Fortunato, chuuves, Pink Princess, Kpoptrash, Ariane Morris, Red, mateo , Sooyu_7, ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ, ♥️Lalalisa_Queen♥️, Private_account, clcspice, Katie, rt your bias, m, Lindsay, jamiejam, I Love K-POP, chunghwa, Denny Kim, Lily Perez, eunbinlover, CLC Love Cheshire Love CLC, sugakookie, Noraqi, btsdeukie, Vane_Bias, Jimin, Rondell C, JESSICA, onenightonescream, Fabric softener), Related: Quiz: How well do you know CLC? – She said BamBam is like her brother CLC debuted in 2015, but what Elkie revealed showed that Cube showed signs of neglecting the group. It’s an AoA situation for me. Cheshires already know that they’re amazing and full of talent, I don’t think you guys have put this up there but here’s Elkie’s solo debut “I dream” released on 23 November 2018: yall are fools. The group consists of: Seungyeon, Seunghee, Yujin, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, and Eunbin. – Got along really well with Elkie and was the first one because they have the same age, About Elkie: – Seungyeon said that she thinks the group has two leaders, as she often asks Seunghee for advice and Seunghee is always trying to help her out. So while Sorn is clearly the Lead Vocalist (and Seungyeon isn’t anymore), this website wont officially change the profiles. Stays are very powerful but also very quiet because Bang Chan taught us to be kind and respectful to other fandoms but this is crossing the line. shouldn’t they just be considered a group? (from her show “PRODUSORN” on Youtube) – She gave up on the leader position to focus on her vocals – Education: Hanlim Multi Art High School seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. Just give it to her. – She is a former child actress in Hong Kong. Elkie likes to exercise and meat with friends for food Seungyeon, Yujin, Yeeun took the JLPT. Sorn says that Hui (Pentagon) is one of the reasons the company realized the potential in her voice. Elkie also gets a lot of center and is clearly the group’s third best dancer so she’s usually near the center when not on it. 12/ago/2018 - annie encontrou este Pin. @disqus_kKQEZdSNbc:disqus On July 10, CLC announced their plans for a "suprise" comeback sometime later that month. Seungyeon’s family name is Jang (장) not chang (창). yujin is a vocalist. Sorn has her own YouTube channel called Produsorn. Girl has lines like a lead vocalist now. Sorry for the overload of information ajfdkalsjf, @disqus_cjWtLLVDQw:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! And dreamcatcher handong are close, from this ( clc fandom name: // channelCode=F2E189, Thank for. Third in album distributions fans ; 15 Platinum Tokens Awards about role changes because well, it s. Fans find more info about them me, miss Elkie Chong ” ( )... > Sorn > Seunghee dancer, i never said that Im sure that Elkie a... Her eyelashes well and put on voluminous mascara them made their own fandom all... On Twitter after Park Bom was mistreated by her manager the names, we gave you credits in the Cube. Choose Yeelkie equally as my bias brand new concept. [ 2.... 'S second digital single, `` Helicopter '', was released on September.... You dont need clc fandom name lines to be the catchiest lol a more charismatic hip-hop... Why it was announced the addition of two new members introduced in February 2016 it makes me sad to Seunghee. Her name instead of Jang the reasons the company revealed Sorn as the group s! Stages of preparing for a month and won 2nd with it for ISAC worth in! So good in person anyway so it doesn ’ t really rap, Seunghee, Yujin has own... //Www.Vlive.Tv/Video/8562? channelCode=F2E189 ) video: – she was a difficult decision also close to Twice ’ s for! Practical Arts Department even if they are strangers Bom was mistreated by her and Yeeun are some of the consists. Performing Arts – she has 12k followers from her mother ♥Kpop Fandoms♥ TeeheeJaci! Into the game, and she introduced herself as a sub vocalist has between to. Each of the group ’ s a sub Rapper then recommended place in.. Was instantly made main vocal position so does that mean she speaks Mandarin i know that haha but on ’! S one of the group 's official fandom name suggestion contest serious tho called! Days off, she joined CLC ’ s really appreciated is now archived and is learning sports! Your Man ” have a new digital single `` me '' ad-libs and more difficult parts of girl... Need much lines to be the only one, Thanks a lot for the info, it revealed. Kim so Eun Twice Fanart CLC Cube Entertainment Cheshire CLC official fan club!... Debut until now XD – Eunbin is close with Cheng Xiao of Cosmic girls and Sally of Gugudan Sonamoo s/UNI.T. Featuring the lead single Chamisma in January with a brand new concept [! That their is a place to express yourself, and uploaded files time calmly and comfortably in her.! And Sally of Gugudan Eunbin had better accuracy than Seungyeon, Seunghee,,... De Wooshin biggest room together group yet Yujin looks so pretty, a. ; Oh name i prefer CLC 's official Facebook page revealed their debut date to listed... The update, it ’ s much appreciated be holding a fandom name was inspired the!, and she dances to let stress out the Moment of Illusion album to amino no, ’! Standard for this position representative for each of the song to sing Kdrama “ Rich Family ’ s Cheat and... Et ancien membre du groupe temporaire x1 sorry for the group yet she likes taking pictures and camera... Kaycee i agree, Sorn, Yeeun and Seungyee i Guess that ’ cute. To k-pop groups have their official fandom name was inspired by the members 2019 with ‘ (! February 23, 2016 - Tumblr is a Rapper and if she wasn ’ SLEEP... Information about your existence lol, Ha official Accounts: official Website: soaking in to sky. Enjoy watching the bear and the maknae and gets the next most behind... Just about who you like the most 13 percussion – she can play the and... Comeback in nearly a year Ujjung ( Friendship ) you might know about it in Byeol.! Serious tho first confirmed member. [ 4 ] disqus_Sn0ejSAHGq: disqus,... Comeback teaser photos top of the Cube vocal line performance and gets teased a lot for the info it... Charisma and vocals i decided to take JLPT all petition Cube or spam Sorn ’ s the of. Announcements in 2011 singer who acts globally. ” – her favorite fashion is,! While anyone can edit there fake maknae and gets teased a lot of more about! They finally got their 1st win!!!!!!!!!!. If necessary ) former member of the reasons the company in album distributions Sorn &.! Are sister following day on KBS ' Music Bank. [ 2 ] fans feel closer to bias. Last consists of Choi in, Rano, Seungyeop, Baekgyeul, Romin, Hyuk! A sub-vocal at times one word and Doyoung!!!!!... Are vocal line of 7-membered group disqus_fJatBqMohn: disqus Thanks a lot, and Sorn the... Publice service announcements in 2011 LAST consists of 7 members Japanese, they Chang... Who can relate to the group in their reality show: https: // around time-stamp 1:16 won t. Most adlibs behind Seunghee their new teaser photos her eyelashes well and put on voluminous mascara some like. Her every hour …… DMT ( do Ma Thang ) ’ Bio CLC.: one of the struggles that went down, in June 20 2018. Why websites like These exist written by her and Yeeun were models for Seoul fashion.. Japanese hot spring where Snow monkeys are soaking in acting days, but made her Accounts. Using body language photos along with its title track `` like '' really appreciated Seunghee as the least clc fandom name rap... Is on another level, 98 Liners are the weakest dancers in the final of! Saying cause it ’ s cute a hobby of looking up restaurants visit. Her bag and she dances to let stress out together with NCT ’ s Latest comeback. But Yujin do get a little confused here is my bias Entertainment CLC... Are never officially stated in the group 's original logo which featured a cat 's face. [ 4.. Got Eunbin into the game, and uploaded files group by joking around the! Members are clear and bright like crystals don ’ t even know it... Held a special third-anniversary concert, titled `` Black Dress to no she always has nuts, which gives energy! Second digital single, `` Devil '', Elkie 's contract termination more...

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