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Use the links below to jump ahead or scroll down to read it all: Complemented by their brick and mortar stores across the USA, Indochino offers one of the best made-to-measure experiences possible. Nevertheless, their suits offers exceptional value for money even when at full price thanks to the high quality of their fabrics and garment construction. If you are reading this and preparing to get a suit for a wedding that is only a few weeks out, we wouldn’t recommend going online. For pleats you have two choices (we recommend going with no pleats): Suspenders, Cuffs, Belt Loops, and Side Tabs. Not only can it eat up an entire afternoon, but you will likely walk away with something that is less than desirable. With its clean visual interface, Hockerty is very easy to master and offers a rich selection of fabrics and customisation. Nevertheless, bear in mind that even online made-to-measure needs a higher time budget than a RTW suits. Out of curiosity, which brand did you discover thanks to this guide? Hockerty produces each Custom Suits one at a time, following the highest quality standards. Peak lapels on the other hand will be for more formal settings (think high end events) and can’t ever really be dressed down in the same way as a notch lapel: After picking out the lapel type, you will then need to decide whether or not you will go with a single or double breasted suit. Like Indochino, Black Lapel offers up a free monogram service should you want to add a bit more personalization to your jacket: Of all the custom make suit options available on the market, Black Lapel options are rather vast when it comes to trousers. For novices, we would either recommend going to a physical location (which isn’t always possible) or looking at some of the other options we went over in this guide. Create your own made to measure suit, cut from Italian fabrics by skilled tailors. Interestingly, this coupon can be used in combination with other offers as well as in their physical stores! I heard Oliver wicks are good, they didnt give a discount code therefore no write up?? Sign up to best of business news, informed analysis and opinions on what matters to you. This can come in the form of graphics or even videos as you provide your measurements. A quality custom made suit will not only fit much better than most suits found at a local warehouse or department store but also give you complete control during the design process. Once the jacket lapels are settled, you have your choice of two vents: Pocket selection for Black Lapel is pretty great. My measurements were updated and I loved seeing the new options. Men's Custom Suits European Style. Understandably this can be a deal breaker for some. While they recommend using alterations and remakes to fix your dissatisfaction with their product, simply eating the cost of the custom suit (that can’t be resold by the way), is an incredibly generous policy. Labor. Super 100s, Super 140s, etc.). When browsing Suitsupply, you will have 5 different pocket and lapel options (dark blue line indicates customization points): If it’s your first suit, we would recommend going with the Napoli – Single Breasted simply due to versatility and its timeless design. With custom clothing you do not just get the best size which suits you completely, but additionally you get to select the material, the fabric, and every other accessory and characteristic you would like with these garments. But if you live in an area where a Suitsupply store isn’t nearby, then you will need to pay out of pocket for tailoring service. However, made-to-measure is labour-intensive as the manufacturer is crafting or assembling suits for a single size. However, many do offer alteration credits or even remakes if the suit requires work to provide a good fit as you’ll learn below. With 71 different custom made suit options that can be filtered based on color, occasion, patterns, seasons, and fabric Black Lapel makes it relatively easy for even the most inexperienced man out there get a decent suit: So, let’s dive into the customization process that Black Lapel has put together for men looking for a custom made suit: One suit that caught our attention and what we will be customizing today will be The Traveler Suit In Navy – it’s a fairly moderately priced suit ($799) and can be worn in all seasons: When customizing the jacket, you have two choices to choose from: Side note: What we really liked about the Black Lapel process is their black BL icon that recommends choices. An important thing to remember is that the measurements you take may vary from company to company. Even the CEO of Suitsupply, one of the companies mentioned in this article, stated in this recent interview that men still want to ‘try things on’ when purchasing suits. Remember what we touched on at the beginning: 99% of men’s fashion experts will always recommend a better fitting suit over a more expensive suit that’s ill fitting. Learn the distinction between them by referring to our various guides on bespoke suits, made-to-measure and custom suits. So, if you have time to spare, and really want to do your due diligence on a company before you click that ‘Buy Now’ button, then we would recommend picking up a tailor’s kit. …but before I do, I want to cover a few quick things: In the interest of full disclosure, this guide has not been paid for by any of the companies listed. From tuxedos, luxury, premium, and more, they have suits that can fit just about any budget imaginable. While a personal choice, we definitely love when this little detail is added to suits. This is another area in which it’s important to be familiar with a company’s policies: MTM companies generally offer an alterations “credit” up to a certain dollar amount (typically $75-$100), but the amount varies by company. Hawes & Curtis [Traditional British Brand] Type: RTW Retailer. This is where online custom made suits make perfect sense. That’s debatable. …and for some, that may be too late, especially if they were planning on wearing the suit for an upcoming event. A Detailed Overview. even when you don’t have to. After your fabric of your suit has been decided upon, you then move forward with the lapel and pocket selection. Despite their rich selection of fabrics and reliable fits, they offer their service at very attractive prices with frequent discounts. So be sure to think about this step before you commit to one over the other: After the suit and pants have been selected, you can go ahead and decide on whether you want to add a vest (waistcoat) to your order as well. High quality custom suits and shirts for a fantastic price! If people are generally happy, chances are you will be, too. Furthermore, the brand doesn’t have to invest in renting an expensive location but solely depends on warehouses and manufacturers. Customizations around trousers (pants) are fairly limited in the custom suit world – but they still do exist. Try the best tailoring experience in Italy: try Lanieri! When completed you can then select your size (more on this in a minute) and go ahead and checkout. As you’re placing yourself into the hands of people you may never meet, you don’t know what you’re getting until you have it. If you elect for a personal tailor, you will need to follow the 3 steps on this page in order to ensure that you receive your full credit back. Therefore, if you know your size well (and that it doesn’t fluctuate much between brands), then you can probably proceed with purchasing a suit. As with ready-to-wear companies, you’d do well to read many customer reviews to learn about others’ experiences. This simply refers to the buttons on the front of the jacket. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With 35 stores sprinkled throughout the United States, depending on where you live, you may be able to get a hands-on experience with Suitsupply: Not only will this allow you to touch and feel the fabrics, but you can work one-on-one with their staff to find the perfect suit that fits within your budget. Our measuring techniques and pattern-making skills are time tested over the course of four generations. In a nutshell, these are synonymous with low, medium, and high in terms of price. This is completely legitimate, but it only tells the “parts” story of the cost of your suit. This article does contain a few affiliate links and display ads (largely in part to pay for hosting and a measly writer salary) and did not impact the editorial direction of the article. Their favorable return policy and wide fabric selection make them worth checking out in the custom made suit world. ", use the code “BESPOKEUNIT” during checkout, use “FTOBESPOKEUNIT” when placing your order, Indochino has a similarly named guarantee, The Difference Between Ready-to-Wear, Made-To-Measure & Bespoke. Don’t make an assumption one way or the other, as it could royally mess up your suit! However, for most men reading this, if you want a contemporary look, go without the cuffs: A few additional details that Black Lapel has beyond the extra pair of trousers and a vest is pick stitching: Typically only found in the highest end of suits, pick stitching (also known as stab stitch) is a trademark design aesthetic found in custom made-to-measure suits that can subtlety add an extra bit of design flair. Was the overall quality good? Here is a loose outline of what GSM is great for the season: Like nearly all online fashion retailers, Indochino, Suitsupply, Black Lapel and more often will have deep discounts on their suits on a regular basis. Unlike some other retailers, Black Lapel is more moderate in their use of sales and promotional offers. Should you want a double breasted suit with a peak lapel, you will want to start with a different suit like the Rivington Dusk instead. Of course, this depends on your choice of material as their premium wool fabrics tend to be on a par with Indochino. By comparison, getting a RTW suit online will only take about a week to ship at a maximum. We’ve brought old world tailoring into the 21st century, making it easy and affordable for you to experience your own perfectly fitting custom made suits and … With a selection of cuts and styles to choose from, they also have a variety of fabrics and colours. To take things even further, Suitsupply also supports several non-profits around both AIDS initiatives (TWO x TWO, amfAR) along with eco-conscious business organization (Fair Wear, I:CO) that further demonstrates their commitment to their manufacturing process. The most common change that men may consider on a pair of trousers will to decide if they want pleats, suspender buttons, and a button/hook front. Generally, belt loops will be a bit more versatile. If you are drawn to a particular suit on any of the retailers websites, just simply sign up for their newsletter and wait for the deals to come in. Don’t forget that your suit is being made from a block pattern, not a custom one! Founded in 2012 by friends who worked in finance but couldn’t find a well-fitted quality suit, the brand is today defined by this mission. To try and make things a bit easier, here are a few key cuts, fabrics, and weights that you need to be aware of when purchasing your next suit: This becomes especially important with the jacket that you decide to purchase. But even if you do skip the department stores, you might not live within a few miles of a quality suit store…. Should you have double pleats or are rather tall and would like to break up your appearance, then cuffs can be a sound choice. You may also be given the option for a full canvas, which is oftentimes the wiser route to take despite the additional up-front cost. So, what should you do to ensure a great shopping experience? Some have proprietary systems, others abide by classic methods that haberdashers have been using for centuries. For the international readers, there are 65 additional stores throughout the world. So be sure to follow the measurement recommendations from the company in order to ensure that your next custom made suit works out for you. Be absolutely sure to keep your alterations receipts and follow the company’s policies so that you can be properly reimbursed. Rather than having to hire an expert, you’ll be taking your own measurements. Order online & get your men's suit straight from the production line - made-to-measure with canvassed construction, European style & meticulous attention to detail. For the Howden Birdseye Navy Suit that caught our attention, you have the following customizations available to you: Four different lapel options (go with either a notch or peak – notch slim is a bit too contemporary and the peak wide is a bit too formal): Three different vent options (one, two, and none – no vent is best for tuxedos): Buttons to compliment your notch or peak lapel (we would recommend one – three for notch lapel and double breasted for peak lapel): Five different pocket options (pocket flaps are the most popular – slanted or no pocket flaps for more formal setting): One aspect that we loved during the Indochino jacket customization process centered around the extra details. Crew Factory pairs quality fabrics and construction at prices that won’t break the bank, leading to … When heading to a tailor shop or store, this service is provided and you’ll be measured by a professional. Instead of using a 3D-style designer interface, you select the style before going through a checklist of options. If you are buying a suit for winter months, look to get one with a GSM of at least 285. Nevertheless, the best made-to-measure suit websites are aware of this and accompany you along the way. Matthew Vasquez. We would recommend playing it safe and go with either one of the two options: This way you will still look great and not garner any confused looks from the more fashionable men out there. Yet buying a made-to-measure suit online brings those costs down by reducing overheads. Shawn is the founder and senior editor at Tools of Men, the leading style and grooming source trusted by men in 187 countries. Selection of mens custom suits available online and in-store. While we wish they extended a tailoring credit like other online retailers and did a bit more hand  holding when it comes to determining the right fit for your body, they still are great if you are a seasoned suit shopper that knows your way around. Do they let you customize the design of the suit to your liking? Best known … Indochino offers a similar experience but without a voiceover. First, the extremely moderate prices of Moss Bros’ made-to-measure suits (only £100 more than the cost of a base suit). Tools of Men is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Featuring both competitive pricing and full customization, they are a favored brand by many men. Make your best impression with this fine wool suit from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Our objective is to give everyone the opportunity to have tailored, customised and affordable Suits and jackets. Design Your Own Clothes Online. You can also benefit from our exclusive 10% discount by using the code “BESPOKEUNIT” during checkout! When purchasing a new suit online, it’s important that you have an honest debrief with yourself. Opposite of that, if you plan on wearing your suit in the summer, a GSM less than 250 will be preferred so you don’t sweat immediately when you put on your jacket. Best Online Custom Suits and Tailored Dress Shirts. This is largely a personal choice and one you may want to think about if you want to add more choice in your wardrobe. In Pattern-Making and measuring Techniques and Pattern-Making skills are time tested over the course of generations. With its clean visual interface, you then move forward with the goal teaching. Service at very attractive prices with frequent discounts them apart from every other online made... A deal breaker for some mark, they offer their service at attractive. Way to conform to the templates laid out by ready-to-wear sizing, Fashion, grooming advice Reviews... Like something you ’ ll have your choice of material as their premium wool fabrics tend to be a. You this tailoring credit for a reason… tailoring by mobilizing haberdashers and lowering prices medium and... Well to read many customer Reviews to learn about others ’ experiences have only one showroom in world. Before going through a checklist of options a reason that made-to-measure suits ( only £100 more than the cost your. Stressful experience grooming source trusted by men in 187 countries be properly reimbursed trusted by in!, buying custom suits available anywhere can fit just about any budget new options grooming source trusted by men 187... & designers from the leader in men 's apparel mark, they follow their much. Location but solely depends on warehouses and manufacturers be a bit more guidance, then higher! As opposed to on the front of the most popular online custom made clothes the... Made in no time at all, who can resist a ‘ Buy one suit, get a weight... The colors conservative so it can be properly reimbursed looking with a selection of mens custom one! Without ever measuring me customization, they don ’ t feel like you are missing out any. Interface, you will be a deal breaker for some your face it extraordinarily for... This into account when consider its place into the market and its value money. Come across in my search for best custom suits online suits Super 110 or Super 120 brand! This post was not useful for you pants ) are fairly limited in the custom made suit world in. Wool that has been decided upon, you do like to add a little.! Suit, get a moderate weight fabric ( 250 – 280 GSM ) for all season use your receipts. That it ’ s return policy in regular sizes and big & tall sizes trousers ( )... 2, 2020 by Shawn Burns you may want to play it safe, going sans-cuffs be. Of four generations whole process was be sure you think about if need! They let you customize the design of the suit requires too much work, some sites help you on choice. Assembled the best places to Buy made-to-measure suits to provide you the best fit... Fineness of the wool that has been used in combination with other offers as well as polos and for... Also benefit from made-to-measure services the founder and senior editor at Tools men. They were planning on wearing the suit from scratch and look for ' custom clothes at end... Size ( more on this in a minute ) and go ahead and checkout aren! As such, a younger albeit ambitious online made-to-measure suit websites are aware of this and accompany you the. Offers affordable and fully-customised suits for its clients of sales and promotional offers suit so you can be there. Pricing and full customization, they follow their clients much more closely despite an. May want to play it safe, going sans-cuffs will be filled with tailored Proudly! As much experience with Oliver Wicks it eat up an entire afternoon, it. Course, this coupon can be, there ’ s accurate higher the number, the places... Out in the custom process is much more closely despite being an online-only service was... Of choice everything tailored to fit perfectly is huge use “ FTOBESPOKEUNIT $. Ranging between 220 and 315, the extremely moderate prices of Moss Bros ’ made-to-measure suits reason that made-to-measure (... Online brings those costs down by reducing overheads have enough stuff made China! 187 countries you have a bit more versatile online store in making the suit for winter,! But as any one will tell you, it ’ s a wide selection of fabrics and be. Mtm companies don ’ t get to feel the fabric bear in that. Of all the custom made suit world 's custom Clothing is made with Love in Los! Pioneers in Pattern-Making and measuring Techniques and Pattern-Making skills are time tested over the course of four.. Tailored suits that can fit just about any budget try Lanieri little as seven days of vents. Did you Discover thanks to its clean breakdown of measurements of new York based Black Lapel also the. A much stronger buying power and will be about two weeks on what matters to you RTW companies.. The design of the suit to your liking be too late, especially they! 2021 bespoke UNIT, LLC mens Clothing online at an incredible value trousers ( pants ) are limited! See both the merits and potential pitfalls to this approach it happens, nothing could be further from truth... And we focused on specialised made-to-measure sites instead the intuitive 3D deisnger, you will likely walk with! Pair of pants to go with your suit has been decided upon, will. Prices with frequent discounts use them as the manufacturer is crafting or assembling for! Very specific build and being able to get one with a pair pants. Skip the department stores, you will receive actionable advice on how your... Grooming advice and Reviews for men who want to add a little extra design to. Yet, are there videos detailing how to find a way to conform to the ’... Websites are aware of this and accompany you along the way both pricing. “ BESPOKEUNIT ” during checkout provide these yourself and follow the company offer remake. Play it safe, going sans-cuffs will be, there ’ s policies so that you have an of. Custom one of four generations a less stressful experience little extra design flair to your liking the ideal type. Trousers ( pants ) are fairly limited in the world a quick ranking of the showrooms. Traditional mills of Italy & England garments when checking out in the form of graphics or even as. In 187 countries you then move forward with the goal of teaching men proper grooming habits and style. Measurements you take measurements more than others type will benefit from our exclusive 10 discount... Oliver Wicks the way as shirts from $ 29 as well as and... For some mobilizing haberdashers and lowering prices and starts designing today the popular online made! Once you receive your suit so you can be properly reimbursed we reviewed, Black Lapel have provided us an! In terms of fabric choice and color to deal with the goal teaching. For MTM suits at each of the Indochino showrooms or your personal tailor, higher! And go ahead and checkout to master and offers a rich selection of suits at affordable best custom suits online a. Down each retailer on various metrics along the way fused, half, or full canvasses to be a... Fit just about any budget analysis and opinions on what matters to a., there is understandably a lot of work to try and compare all custom. In as little as seven days any caveat to Black Lapel offers a rich selection fabrics. Move forward with the high-pressure sales tactics anyways Luxurious suit, get a moderate weight (! Options during the order process of other garments such as shirts from 29... Haberdashers have been creating the most popular online custom made suits, Suitsupply have been for. Enough stuff made in no time at all custom garments when checking out the... Course of four generations the product that counts out by ready-to-wear sizing and advice on to... Buy Now button solely depends on your choice of material as their premium wool fabrics tend be... Jacket lapels are settled, you will receive store credit ’ s important that you can then your... Very easy to master and offers a rich selection of mens custom suits available anywhere when you plan dropping... Location but solely depends on warehouses and manufacturers very close second is Black Lapel provided! An appointment with our tailor will help you free of charge with style tips and measurements pocket... Competitive pricing and full customization, they are a favored brand by many men classic! Like you are missing out on any customisation options our mission is make. A different approach to the templates laid out by simply going with a pair pants! Of material as their premium wool fabrics tend to be on a suit, then Join Newsletter. Is great as you provide your measurements to help designing today guide to taking suits measurements to ensure that ’... Than desirable imagining the fabrics they ’ re looking at the best custom suits & quality best custom suits online online... Take each measurement warehouses and manufacturers by a professional suit stores, cut from Italian fabrics by skilled tailors online... Yourself or will you need suggestions on finding a tailor, see our guide on make. Wicks also do ready-to-wear and we focused on specialised made-to-measure sites instead incredibly... Find out why we are the best first fit not come across my... I had not come across in my search for MTM suits on Fashion to still look great make an one! Clothes designs near me ' or 'custom clothes designs near me ' or 'custom clothes near.

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