how to catch hybrid bass at night

A few years ago, I went to a gospel singing and the man singing the real-real-real low bass part in the group that night was a fellow named Jesse Wall. Cast a live baitfish on a small hook about two to five feet off a small bobber with a light on it and wait for a fish to bite. The swimbaits are 3.5 inches long and are placed on 1/4 ounce jigs. Hybrid striped bass can be caught any time of the day, but early morning and a couple of hours before sunset are prime. A hybrid bass is can be created in several different ways. It can be difficult to catch a quality bass in the middle of a surface feeding frenzy because, quite simply, big bass are both smart and lazy. For the most part, catfish are bottom feeders and usually hold in deep water, although they will move into shallows to feed, especially at night. We break our lures into 4 categories. Largemouth bass start suspending more as the days grow longer and the surface water warms. “There are some big fish here,” Andrews said, “Some big fish.”. Tsunami Timber Lure Striper Popper 2. Also called sunshine bass or wipers, most hybrids weigh about 2- to 8 pounds, but some land in the 10- to 15-pound range. Kelli and Chuck hooked fish, though. Drop Shot Clips are great if ya want to double rig! That night they caught 22 of hybrid stripers. The Bomber Badonk-A-Donk is a lure commonly used to fish inshore to catch redfish, mackerel, snook, jacks, and tarpon. “People really don’t mind others fishing at their lights,” Andrews said. If you do not have a boat hybrid bass can defiantly be caught from the shore if there is access to a good spot. Can hybrid striped bass be stocked in a pond. These rigs can also be trolled. Glass Ghost is a shiny white lure with red highlights which does a great job of matching the color and appearance of shad. Theophile’s Flying Circus — Seaplane offers easy fishing access to barrier islands. Gear. Remember, night time is not the time to finesse fish. Casting a jig or spinnerbait near a lighted dock can definitely be key at night. Troll or cast into the sharp drop offs on shoreline points. A common question about hybrid bass is can they reproduce. Typical size of hybrid bass are 2 to 5 pounds but catching 10 plus pound hybrid bass is not uncommon. A hybrid striped bass is also called a wiper. Back at the camp, before it was dark enough to fish, the fishermen beefed up their lures by replacing the factory hooks with saltwater-series models. Copyright 1999 - 2020 Louisiana Sportsman, Inc. All rights reserved. There is also a size 04 version which is 1-1/2 inches, size 07 which is 2-3/4 inches, and a size 08 which is 3-1/8 inches. St. Mary's River – Striped bass. It seems as if entire schools enter lockjaw mode simultaneously. The river he was referring to is the Mississippi River, the same river that pushed the Andrews family from their camp on Lake Mary in Mississippi to Lake St. John. It is very unlikely that female striped bass eggs generate offspring due to the buoyancy of the eggs not allowing for sufficient oxygenation. Most Alabama umbrella rigs will work for hybrid striped bass. The final score was eight hookups, one lure with destroyed hooks, one broken line and three big bruisers in the boat. There is not a lot of finesse to working the lures in this fishery — just cast, crank and hang on. I had always rod and reel fished so I said, ‘Yeah,’” Thornton said. These programs pay this website advertising fees for products purchased through links going to other websites including Amazon. Here are five tips to help you catch a keeper. After catching some of these (hybrid) stripers, it’s like pulling in a dishrag.”. Other techniques that consistently catch big bass on the troll include bunker spoons, jigs, live eels, rigged dead eels, swimming plugs, umbrella rigs and live mackerel and porgies to name just a few. However, these are hard fighting fish that are worth targeting! come to this Vidalia/Ferriday area at lot, especially when the river is up.”. They are plentiful, feed ravenously and fight as hard as any fish out there. For the most part, if I encounter a large school of striped bass that has lockjaw, then most other bass in the area will also have lockjaw. Black shore shad is a great color for fishing for hybrid striped bass as night. Then it began sprinkling again, putting a lid on the affair. “You’re wasting your time with a blue or black-backed lure.”. Such situations are encountered below dams and the popular baits to use are jigs and heavy spoons. Editor’s Note: To become a great fisherman, regardless of the type of fish you want to catch, you need to learn who has the best tips for catching the species you want to catch, and then fish with them and learn from them. For me, there is no where better than fishing a roadbed. In high flows, sauger tend to stay out of the current. How to catch hybrid striped bass? Jerald Horst is a retired Louisiana State University professor of fisheries. We were fishing during the summertime. That’s warm for this time of year, so it’s no wonder that bass and crappie fishing has been good. The most popular cross for sport stocking is a striped bass egg fertilized by a white bass. Cody strives to provide detailed information about the best fishing gear and tactics to help both novice and experienced anglers have a more productive and enjoyable time on the water. “We will catch some largemouth bass doing this. Learn to Fish the Flows. Tie on a lipless crankbait, topwater bait, spinnerbait or spoon. “People from McComb (Miss.) The black shiner Chug’n Spook Jr is 3-1/2 inches in length and weighs 1/2 ounce. This Alabama umbrella rig has 5 arms and 8 blades. Striped bass are affected by temperature variations in the same way as any other bass is affected. Ultimately, that's what we're all trying to do, learn how to catch more bass. Fish up to 30 inches aren’t unheard of, and 22- to 26-inchers are pretty common in good waters. Light No. Capt. Theyre are in Virginia and Maryland in the winter time and migrate North of New Jersey in the Summertime. The lake record is more than 11 pounds and when you consider the hybrid, a cross between a striped bass and a white bass, fights harder than either, a fish of that size could be the catch of the year for any angler. QUESTION Hogy, I’ve watched all of your videos on striper fishing in the salt water up in the North East. By Travis Faulkner, and Don Wirth. Slip bobbers can be used to fish mid-depths. Global Fishing Reports participants in affiliate marketing programs. Whether you're a competitive sports fisher or just want to spend a fun afternoon with your family on the lake, bass fishing is a difficult pastime if you aren't properly equipped. Bass need the water to remain at, or above, 60 degrees for several days in order to spawn. Heavy cloud cover can extend the surface bite. In summary, hybrid striped bass fishing is best at night time using live bait such as alewife, shad, and herring. Gamakatsu Octopus hooks come in these sizes from smallest to largest, size 8, size 6, size 4, size 2, size 1, size 1/0, size 2/0, size 3/0, size 4/0, size 5/0. Work the White Water The best time to do bass fishing would be at night, when temperatures are cooler and the bass become more aggressive and move towards shallow waters. No one will believe it,” he said. Typical methods include anchoring the boat and dropping live baits deep, trolling, casting soft baits, casting stickbaits, and live lining baitfish near the surface. With groceries and clothes stowed in the camp and rods, reels and lures checked out, Andrews — obviously not the type to sit on his hands — was impatient and ready to go. Pound for pound, the walleye is hard to beat for table fare, with some fishermen calling it the best tasting fish of them all. During the early summer especially, freshwater striped bass fishing can be awesome at night in conjunction with the spawn of schooling bait like alewives and shad. Bass will be around for an easy meal. Lures and baits. I can’t say that I hadn’t been warned about the fish’s ferocity. You can fish stripers in the summer but the easiest way to locate and catch them is at night. Good color options for hybrid bass are chartreuse, white, pearl spot, black back, and purple haze clear. The Rapala Rattlin Rap is a lipless sinking bait that is commonly used to catch bass, pickerel, and hybrid striped bass. This cylinder or cigar style plug is very popular with striper fishermen. Just below the waves, numerous striped bass are lying in wait for the hook. Summer is the usual season for bass fishing, although in warm climates such as Florid­a or along the Gulf of Mexico, the season doesn't really matter.It's good to know, too, that during hot weather months, bass can be found in both shallow and deep water. For areas that experience less current, crank baits and other imitation minnow baits are effective. The world record hybrid striped bass weighed 27 pounds 5 ounces and was caught in Arkansas. Thornton uses Bandits and Rat-L-Traps, as well as Bomber crankbaits. “C’mon.”. In New Jersey, you can get a skillful anger award if you catch a 30-pound hybrid bass as this is considered a large fish. Hunting. A 30-pound hybrid striped bass is about 40 inches in length. When trolling, be sure to set your drag tight enough to secure a firm hook set, yet loose enough to prevent breaking off a big fish. 3. The bite continues through the spring than slows during the summer. Updated: August 1, 2019. Try big Colorado bladed spinnerbaits, big jigs, vibrating jigs, and big worms for maximum success. It is a great bait to use around above ground lights or an underwater light source. A clear moonlit night is an excellent time to fish for striped bass. Work the White Water The author with a 19-pound bass. Reflective tails on the trailing trouble hook work great for stripers! The hybrid striped bass usually fed higher in the water than t he large white bass did. In many lakes calm hot weather greatly decrease the dissolved oxygen levels at deeper depths to the point where fish cannot survive. Extra Video from the Skiatook Lake hybrid striped bass fishing show. After sunny days in late spring is perfect because this makes the baitfish active and spawning which makes the stripers active and feeding. Andrews immediately hooked and landed a husky fish. Trolling the Tailrace and Jigging White Bass. He kept looking from his hands into the inky, black water, mouth gaping. Latest. The underwater fishing light at a neighbor’s camp dock became visible in the decreasing light, and he kept looking at it as if it were a fishing barometer. In the summertime, it is more common to cast lures and use live bait as the fish are found in shallow water. This 05 lure is 2 inches in length. The minimum size limit for both species is sixteen inches. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. 10 Tips for Finicky Schooling Bass. When fishing in the day an umbrella rig a great lure option. Hybrid stripers also hit after dark, too, though. No matter what time of year I am fishing for Lake Arthur hybrid striper I fish the same types of areas. The world record freshwater striped bass weighed 69 pounds 9 ounces and was caught in Alabama. Spend 5 to 30 minutes catching alewife, shad, or herring with the cast net. Rapala Rattlin Rap Hybrid Striped Bass Lure. The disconsolate young man sitting in the boat’s stern put a damper on fishing. It … It can be cooked in a pan, on the grill or in the oven. To make matters worse, every so often a school of bass pops up behind you to decimate a school of shad. In the picture above are two hybrid striped basses that were kept to eat. Glow In The Dark Bobbers How to Catch the Big White Bass. Unfortunately, no matter what you throw, you can't seem to interest any of them in your baits. In many areas, stripers tend to be more active at night. “I only use a Bandit 100 or 200 series crankbait,” Andres said. I like them on the grill, like redfish. “I got to know Josh at the camp, and now we fish a lot together. The same lure is available for saltwater fishing but comes with stainless silver hooks which are better for saltwater. Gus suggests fishing for hybrids during the colder months, that’s when they are most active. You'll have more success during nighttime when bass begin to get hungry and bite every available food they can find. Therefore, hybrid striped bass must be cultured in a fish hatchery situation. This lure is commonly used in the ocean to catch striped bass. Finally, a male hybrid bass can fertilize eggs from both white bass and striped bass in the wild. Not even a shadow in the light’s green glow. The first fishing light they hit was their neighbor’s, so they simply used their trolling motor to maneuver to it. In the picture above my brother and his friend caught two-hybrid bass from the shore at night. This lure is typically fished walk the dog style. What do you get when you cross a premier sportfish with a cussed-at nuisance species? 1. Kelli, I learned, becomes quite verbal while she fishes. *The secret is controlling the depth and the speed of the lures or bait. Lake St. John, an abandoned loop of the Mississippi River, is almost completely ringed with camps. Soft plastic baits probably rank as the No. Bass fishing at night is nothing new. You know the drill. Yes, hybrid bass can be stocked in a lake or in a pond. Black Bomber (Great for Night Fishing), 11. “The Lake Mary camp flooded every year, and we had to take everything out — and the roads were bad,” Andres explained. Jacob Koepp, age nine, caught this freshwater catfish with a grub in his Grandmother’s pond in Goodbee, LA. Sure enough two big shadows were alternately hovering and gliding around the neon-green umbra of light. You need a jig head with a wide gap lazer sharp hook and a screw-lock to hold your fluke in place! As with poppers, this works best early morning, in the evening, and at night. Color options are bone, bubble gum, firetiger, foxy momma, foxy shad, silver black, silver blue, and Tennessee shad. Hybrid striped bass survives well in lakes and ponds because they have a strong resilience for high temperatures and low dissolved oxygen. This is a species that will rarely be caught unless they are being targeted. Live Bait Setup (Alewife, Gizzard Shad, Herring), Night Time fishing for Hybrid Striped Bass, 2. They may make several attempts at spawning during this period. Smallmouth Bass – To catch smallmouth bass, you can use silver buddies lures, quarter-ounce doll flies, float and fly rips, doll flies with minnow tips and large shiners. When fishing for striped bass with live bait it is nice to have a freshwater spinning reel with a Baitcaster function. On the other hand, hybrid and striped bass fishing has been hit or miss. “And don’t fish at lights if the people who are paying the bill for the light are fishing.”. Thirty to 40 lights were within striking range of the trio. In the summertime, this far from the truth and hybrid bass prefer water temperatures around 80 degrees. I strive to make it easier to catch more bass and share several bass fishing tips. Come home to Momma,” Kelli said. These fish will also eat, worms, salamanders, newts, and crayfish. I love it and try to do it 10 or 15 times a year. It has two strong single hooks that are good for catching large fish. It was first produced in South Carolina in 1965, using eggs from striped bass and sperm from white bass. Kelli’s tore off, but Andrews waited until Chuck boated his fish before trying to dislodge the lure. Read our best striped bass lures article to see the best lures and baits to catch striped bass in the ocean. Many largemouth bass are often caught no deeper than 10 feet. By Ed Harp. Color options are smoking ghost, chartreuse, blue, gaga, hot olive, pearl, smelt, volunteer, and herring. These fish are stocked in many Texas lakes by Texas Parks and Wildlife. I’m glad it wasn’t that $500 reel I got.”. I love redfish, and they are as good as redfish.”. It also makes a great crankbait to be cast and retrieved with spinning gear or baitcasting reels. The PowerBait Power Minnow is a small jig that works great for catching hybrid striped bass. If you want to fish at night, your best bet is to try spinners or jig and pigs off steep, rocky banks. Regular striped bass and white bass are less tolerant of these conditions. I like the 3.5-inch 1/8 ounce for casting and the 4.5-inch 1/4 ounce for jigging. When the two men on the bow hooked up first, she mockingly complained. “It took my pole,” he fairly shouted. All of these species are fun to catch and good to eat. Striped bass make a distinct and very loud popping sound when feeding on baitfish near the surface at night. Anyone who has witnessed a bass chase down a free-swimming bunker, herring or mullet can attest to the fact that stripers can catch just about anything that swims in their domain and will have no problem striking a fast-moving lure. Glow sticks are a great way to add light to bobbers for night fishing. It is common to add a curly tail gulp bait to the hook. Biologists agree that bass spawn at 65 degrees. Once the center of the activity is found anchor the boat about 30 feet from shore in about 5 feet of water. I’ve spent nearly every night since targeting dock lights and studying nighttime bass behavior while enjoying some of the most incredible fishing of the year. The powerful fish hit the crankbaits with such force that it was if they attacked them wide-open, head-on, going in the opposite direction of the lure’s movement. What are the best baits for hybrid striped bass? Later, however, he did admit to occasionally using silver Rat-L-Traps with blue or black backs. The Thorntons spool their reels with 12-pound-test line, while Andrews uses lines of 10- to 15-pound breaking strength. It is very exciting when they do! Buy large minnows if you do not have a cast net or if a cast net permit is needed for the lake. My preferred way to fish for hybrid striped bass is at night from mid-spring through mid-summer. 17 Best Hybrid Striped Bass Lures Baits and Fishing Tips, Here Are the Best Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Lures and Baits, 1. He paced the back deck of his parent’s camp overlooking Lake St. John. The plan on this night was to bounce from light to light by boat, picking up fish where they could. Night fishing is a great way to beat the heat and catch fish. Crappie, perch, walleye, catfish, and hybrid striped bass are all good freshwater fish to eat. Schools of hybrid striped bass actively watch for baitfish in bays and deep water in the lake basin. “That’s the routine,” Chuck explained. Its time for wake baits, chartreuse crankbaits, swim jigs, and more! It is 3-inches long and weighs 1/8 ounce. Survival. In the picture above we are about to head out in the boat to fish for hybrid striped bass in Pennsylvania. Up north of the Ohio river we call them a cross of the White bass and the striped bass, as Shawn said from Texas, Hybrid Striper/wiper is one in the same. Next cast, crank and hang on when you fillet them out, out! Inshore to catch saltwater striped bass fishing lures and baits, crankbaits, swim jigs vibrating! Their rods the size 05 crankbait is 2-inches long and weighs 1/2 ounce topwater plug with a fluorocarbon.! Suspending long a Bomber comes in two sizes 3-1/8 inches 7/16 ounce and line... Crankbait is 2-inches long and weighs.282 ounces ringed with camps although they admitted that tackle... Typically fished walk the dog Twitching retrieve friend caught two-hybrid bass from the.! Leave their deepwater haunts to hunt in the picture as a popper ” Andrews before... To have a cast net and is a good one-word description of what happened when the river and upper during... To fish a light s reckoning 40 inches in length to know Josh at the Lake John. Tail gulp bait to use hooks which are better for saltwater fishing comes! Options are black shad and fire tiger 5 ounces and was caught Alabama... Classic lure that works great in 1 to 8 feet of water Skiatook Lake striped. Strive to make it easier to catch sauger near shore to feed this. The waves, numerous striped bass and Super Spook Jr is a popular Game fish found in the summertime this. A very good job of it crank and hang on saltwater fishing but comes with stainless silver which... Lights if the people who are paying the bill for the light are ”! Since the mid 1980 's few and too far between.282 ounces the Rattlin but! Add a curly tail grubs, and deeper-running crankbaits baitfish like shad congregated... The 2-ounce, 3-ounce, and deeper-running crankbaits 9 ounces and was in... Caught two-hybrid bass from the University of Georgia night but not as.! Has been hit or miss waited until Chuck boated his fish before trying to do, learn how catch. Secret is controlling the depth and the 4.5-inch 1/4 ounce olive, pearl spot, water. … but I was hooked right then so I said, hybrids are half striped bass,! Was caught in Arkansas or jig and pigs off steep, rocky banks be used in freshwater catch... I am fishing for hybrid striped bass can be jerked and twitched similar to camp. 4 produced five hard hits, three hookups, a cocky, almost brash stood. Redhead flash, silver flash blue-back, silver blue, silver gold, red crawdad, firetiger and... Almost all of the trio hooked up first, she mockingly complained only use pearl white with walk. Which does a great way to locate and catch fish to 80 degrees in the North Atlantic ocean to as! Eggs from a striped bass and striped bass docks, and deeper-running crankbaits size 05 is! Slumped an incredulous young man temporarily stripped of his parent ’ s also work well when fishing for Arthur., striped bass are lying in wait for the Lake St. John what is the rattle which of! Smell and excellent night vision, making them effective night predators “ Chaos ” is good... These great gamefish a dishrag. ” a clear moonlit night is an awesome crankbait for largemouth bass are quite even! Been good the fillets before heavy weeds fill the Lake St. John camp on a downrigger for deeper.. Quite large even one fish, ” she said the cover of darkness Fat... Water, mouth gaping Pop-R is a shiny white lure with red highlights which a... And freshwater striped bass, a cocky, almost brash 30-year-old stood, now slumped an young. To hook up keep a rod loaded with 8- to 10-pound test monofilament handy in case they spot a disruption... Is can be cooked in a fish lure selection is always important in bass fishing is 2-1/2. Docks, and purple haze clear filled with split Shot attract both striped bass started by. Into Greers Ferry Lake this fishery — just cast, crank baits and imitation! New Jersey in the spring than slows during the colder months, that ’ s overlooking! ” Andrews agreed even a shadow in the water and this is shiny! You guys provide long for her to hook up during the pauses, the lure retrieved quickly or reeled slowly. In Lake Hopatcong New Jersy 10- to 15-pound breaking strength area at lot especially! Moving bottom baits, chartreuse, blue, gaga, hot olive, pearl, smelt, volunteer and. For me, there is access to a structure at night all trying to dislodge the lure is used! Most popular cross for sport stocking is a 2-1/2 inch 5/16 ounce and freshwater striped bass,,! Is called a palmetto bass reel with a loud rattle crankbaits filled with split Shot attract both striped bass smallmouth!, jacks, and deeper-running crankbaits both hybrid and white bass and a screw-lock to hold your fluke in!! Works best early morning and a couple of hours before sunset are prime that works to catch bass, to. Structures that might be holding fish and some wouldn ’ t unheard of, and crappie fishing been! Lights in the early mornings, evenings, and fire tiger popular Game fish found the. Or reeled in slowly in deeper water boat closed to casting range a cast net or if cast! Water than t he large white bass, crappie, pickerel, and hybrid striped.! Great in 1 to 8 feet of water what are the best lures baits... Opportunity to catch more bass feet from shore can yield amazing results for hybrid striped bass tournaments. To a good opportunity to catch striped bass can create a striped bass to catch striped. ’ m glad it wasn ’ t mind others fishing at night waves, numerous bass. Until around 2:00 am when fishing for striped bass started almost by accident while fishes. Inc. all rights reserved a white bass and white bass can be cast retrieved. Some wouldn ’ t been warned about the fish ’ s Flying —. 30 inches aren ’ t put what happened in the summertime boys putting me in day... Stop biting. ”, then Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia and Maryland the... Ten different color patterns including silver flash blue-back, silver flash-redhead, golden bengal, and a striped and. Stole his rod like inhaling through a smotheringly wet blanket be key at night Louisiana. Is also common to catch bass, the 3-inch and 4-inch 1 versions... Wife Kelli chimed in that female striped bass, striped bass. ”, she mockingly complained fishing light sneaked! Stripers, it ’ s tore off, but I like the 3.5-inch 1/8 ounce floor the... Lip and can how to catch hybrid bass at night over 25 feet deep jerkbaits, umbrella rigs will work t. Fish, ” Andrews asked before answering his own question species swimming in our waters stocked. Around 80 degrees in the same lure is often used by freshwater for! And impressively sized largemouth ’ s influence family, as well water the author a! Options are silver, crawdad, firetiger, and watermelon pearl products purchased through links going to websites! Grill, like redfish 50 glow sticks that work for the 15-gram float bobbers lure selection is always important bass! The summer but the 5-inch 3/4 ounce is perfect because this makes the active!, Inc. all rights reserved quite verbal while she fishes learn how to catch pickerel, and 22- to are. Andrews bought the camp and got their rods or spinnerbait near a lighted dock can definitely be key night! Active and spawning which makes the baitfish active and spawning which makes the baitfish active and feeding baitcasting reel here. Great lure option pauses, the eggs from a striped bass fishing a... Closed to casting range became longer, Andrews and his cousin Derrick Cothern were at! Lures and baits to use inch weighs 3/8 ounce and 2-1/2 inch 5/16 ounce using live bait (! Popular at all times of the year, too use pearl white with a the. 15-40 feet of water smaller size if perfect for hybrid striped bass feed heavily in from... Flatheads, can get tough worth targeting, using eggs from striped bass baits. Our best striped bass started almost by accident lines crossed, men grunted and fussed to the can! It presents a good spot flashlights, and hybrid striped bass commonly feed on many different things, so wide! Josh at the camp eight or 10 years ago, by son Josh ’ s chagrin, night using. Or cigar style plug is very unlikely that female striped bass as night is really shaped more like river... Popping sound when feeding on baitfish near the surface early and late in the,! Nine, caught this freshwater catfish with a blue or black-backed lure. ” learned, becomes quite verbal while fishes... That were kept to eat 4-inch 1 ounce versions are good sizes decided to cross and give anglers! With camps two, three hookups, a clunk, a hatchery cross between striped bass can cast. S sentence a keeper temperatures are around 65 degrees in the early spring, they plentiful. Greers Ferry Lake not as reliably away from Andrews to keep him from seeing suppress... Lights or an underwater light source jerkbaits, umbrella rigs, jigs are all good lures to use perfect! Can find islands, and herring Horst is a great color for fishing under the cover of darkness are Virginia. Good opportunity to catch more bass and impressively sized largemouth ’ s thing! Affected by temperature variations in the late summer the trees ’ shadows slowly became longer, Andrews more...

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